​July 1, 2016- Cuttack 
One thing of bongs being a bong I disliked was the acceptance. For us it has always been tough to accept new things. Today I started a new part of my life. After graduation in pursuing MBA, from Sri Sri University. Months ago the orifice prospect was very interesting and exciting. Not that it’s not exciting or interesting but the point is a lot has been sacrificed. For many it might be just home, neighbors, friends or family for me it is a part of me.

       I often thought I might be so much fun without the usual life but I was wrong. Each and every member flashes in front of my eyes, how much I miss them already. I never had neighbors never will as they are my cousins. When I went to bow down to one of neighbour , a brother I just remember what he said, “are tera to main bhai Hun , bhai se gala milte hai pair nahi chute” .

I never could handle emotions . Not atleast when my mom is crying. Not when my dad is usually sad which he doesn’t show. I prayed to God that I should be able to handle the situation when they will have to part. Maybe MBA will be a costly decision to live with not by money but by the fact I won’t be sleeping in my bed or waking up to my dad’s wake up nod.

             The fact I realised that, I am feeling just like I the time when I was admitted to kindergarten when I started crying as soon as my parents left. The only difference is I’ve grown I cried now too but inside which hurts than before. 


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