You again

Somehow it seems it’s a virus. A virus whom neither me or the virus minds.

A drug which isn’t harmful. A drug which helps you to be better everyday without any side effects. Yes , these happened just because of you. YOU again-no medicines work , no correctional homes seems do any good. People often said it’s love, and I was a little confused about the use of the word. It’s more of a unconditional love, something that makes your heart always think and pause. The mind becomes like new copies ( completely blank). Yet it looks all normal. Yes YOU again is the reason, why I expect other women to be like you. Yes YOU again aren’t someone of my league and that’s why YOU are my dream. A dream girl , a feeling , a emotion, a moon for me, a parallel track of trains yet I’m ready to reach to you whatever the consequences are.

Yes YOU again is the fever I never want to let go.


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