The Meeting

Ever since I got to know you will be back to home town for Durga Puja, my mind started it’s own celebration. There were complications, were weren’t talking because of some mistake which was pretty much stupid that just made me feel what would happen when we met. One meeting is what I craved for, one only.

Luckily God had plans. Things went back to normal for us and boy I was overjoyed. I was preparing for the day, The Meeting.

I knew it would be difficult, You have fans and yeah I kind of feel little jealous about it. So coming directly to the point we met after so much of struggle. That face , that dress and lastly the voice it had been so so so long. It’s almost like you meet your superhero you try to be normal and yet inside you went berzerk. Sitting with you , talking to you and the eye contact which I generally shy away from seemed to be so perfect for me. There were so many friends around yet the care for you was from the subconscious . Pulling you from the the probable push of crowd and talking to you particularly instead of other people, many more minute details.

So skipping directly to dinner, I waited for a chance to sit beside you and you called it was like you heard me at one go. Don’t remember ignoring friends that much lately . Oh guess what I remembered the reason , you were around. It’s a separate world around you. Probably first of a time when friends including you pulled my leg yet there was no counter, maybe because I never wanted. That’s what high in love is , that’s sick for someone is,  maybe!!

Lastly the bike ride, a easier and less busier road would have been perfect but I guess nothing is perfect in the world. So this time after dropping you home I thought a hug as per usual basis ( as we always did before leaving ) would be there. It wasn’t but I didn’t want to demand too. A bike ride was kind enough by the Gods. Who knew what would follow.

No no no I’m never ever getting rid of you. Never ever tried of you. Never ever busy for you. I keep on writing and thinking and talking about you. We had a picture together our first picture. What could I ask for more. You have given me more sleepless nights than exams and interviews. I don’t blame you, I blame the first day when Met you. I blame the Meeting , I blame everything that followed that it put me in so much in love with you.

P.s- this is a situation during Durga Puja and things were lot more detailed than it looks like. Too many emotions in a short space . 


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