The war of EGO AND HEART

​It was little difficult for me to accept it. I didn’t believe it. It pains everytime I say it.

Well it’s the ego at play.

There wasn’t probably anything left to compare you, freaking mountains , moon, drug , virus etc etc. Yes all of them are damm difficult to have. Trust me you were nothing difficult too. It’s not that I have you now but it’s probably the time I will have to leave difficult things in my life. Which indirectly means you. What possibly could I do more. You know what is the problem with a man , so much trying ?

It’s the ego , right the ego that is always at fight with the heart and convincing the ego that it is the right thing to do. Do you know ….

What happens when you convince your dad about your choice and it turns out that the choice is wrong, you start listening to your dad. Yeah! ego plays dad here. Yes and its very difficult to get over the virus or drug ( you) but the ego silently says it’s over even before it could start. I don’t hate you , it’s not that I can’t tolerate you it’s just that you are little too much for me. 

Even if I let you go and my heart cries to say goodbye but ego knows it’s for the best. 

I still want your city , want your town want you at times for dinners, movies but let’s face it for how long I’m gonna keep the demands.

Yes I can somewhat say I have somewhat moved on . Though How much I have no freaking idea.

Everytime you text me it’s a mild adrenaline rush, a excited mind wants to reply yet the ego plays the dad role and writes taunts hoping for the last try which never succeeds. 

Everytime I check your Facebook pics or status it just brings in the ego the attitude as if I don’t care. 

Well that’s the ego saying I REALLY DON’T CARE, and the heart yelling just ask me once for help I WOULD RUN TO YOU.


1 thought on “The war of EGO AND HEART

  1. Sometimes, it’s ego that’s hurting us…


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